At the University of Ottawa, we stress the importance of open access to knowledge


G9toEngineering is an open access web-based knowledge sharing library populated with typical-based engineering curricula for use by K-12 teachers, engineering teachers and students, and the public to make science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) come alive through engineering design and entrepreneurship environment. The G9toEngineering collection provides learners with free access to a growing curricular resource of teaching content, activities, hands-on projects, and several learning resources.





This digital library provides learners with open access to growing curricular possessions of teaching material, reflective practice activities, hands-on projects, and learning resources. It integrates various dimensions of knowledge sharing including acquisition possession, creation and competence that enhance innovation.





As you browse and search the Website, you may access the following categories of knowledge sharing:


Knowledge acquisition and possession provide teaching material for several stand-alone engineering courses. Each course content is associated with resources and activities that give learners the opportunity to acquire the related knowledge.


Knowledge creation and competence give learners an opportunity to move beyond concepts and problem solving for more tangible learning experiences. Students make use of digital media and share their activities online, often with design focus, a powerful way to generate solutions for any problem.


Learning by doing supports the teaching and learning environment by storm! Presented are teacher-prompted, open-ended project ideas and problems for students to solve in a self-directed, thinking-with-their-hands way that is guided by the design iterative process.


Educational/research resources are organized collections of knowledge and activities designed to be simple and general. Each resource is developed for certain type of learners including kids, students, and general public.  



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