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Robotics is a backwards way of learning math and science! students learn math and science, and design skills by figuring out what they need to do in order to build a working robot. The RobotLab is about learning science, technology, math, and design through developing, programming and testing of programmable Lego robots. By using their imagination and creativity, they will build machines with Lego pieces using motors, gears, sensors, infrared transmitter, and the Lego microcomputer.



Currently, we are developing a project-based training session that interface well with the LEGO system. The session includes models that teach classical mechanics through engineering. It covers motion, forces, fluids, work, and energy.

The topics are approached from an engineering perspective, with building and designing reinforcing the physical and mathematical concepts.


Why Robotics

History of Robotics (External)

Applications of Robots

Lesson on Principles of Robotics

Lego Mindstorms NXT

Sensor Fundamentals (External)

Robot Glossary (External)


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Building Sensors


Proximity Sensor


The Well-Rounded Engineer!

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